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Guide Services

Our camp is designed for folks who want to bring their own boat and catch and clean their own fish. BUT IT CAN BE A LOT EASIER! Captain Nash Roberts and Captain David Sylve are just a couple of the great guides out of Happy Jack. David operates as Reel Creole Fishing Charters phone number (504) 202-4640. Nash's website is www.fishunterguideservices.com. Consider taking a professional guide at least one day of your trip. They can show you a lot of tricks. Or leave your boat at home and just let the guides do all the work! THESE GUYS WILL PICK YOU UP AND DROP YOU OFF RIGHT AT THE CAMP. It doesn't get easier than that!


March, April, May and June - These are the best months for comfort, quality and quantity! The brown shrimp start to move back into the shallow marshes from the Gulf and it is a feeding frenzy! Big trout are caught in April and May and the red fish start showing back up in the shallow marsh ponds.

July , August and September - While these months are the warmest of the year, this is definitely one of the better periods to fish. If you don't mind the heat, big schools of trout are in the open bays and daily limits are common. Red Fish are "thick" in the shallow ponds and top water action is at it's peak!

October, November, December, January, February - As the temperatures cool off our fall run of "school trout" begins.  The red fish will also school up this time of year and huge schools of red fish can be see on calm days.  Bull reds are commonly caught in the marshes in large numbers.

Licensed Captains; Live bait is included (when available) ;Fuel & Oil Bait & Ice Rods-n-Reels All Tackle
Fish cleaned.  Freezers on site.

Rates vary from guide to guide but figure: 1 - 2 people in a boat = about $500 per day;    3 to 4 people in a boat = $550 to $600 per day.  3 or 4 people is a better bargain and 3 is very manageable.  We will make the calls and give you the rates, or put you in touch with your guide.

The fishing is great here. Red Fish, Speckle Trout, Sheep Head, Drum, Flounder, and others.

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